Ertugurl Ghazi Sad, Romantic, Crying Ringtones For Mobile

Put the best voice of the latest caller on your mobile number.

    This caller application contains the best UI model and provides all songs with high definition.  Many of us have asked questions about how to set the caller voice or how to set the caller voice or whether the caller is free.

    Tunes is a value-added service that allows you to set your favorite songs or music as voice calls, and all callers who dial your phone number can listen to the melody of your choice.

    You can choose your own Tune from a large number of songs from Bollywood to International, which are dedicated to regional music and many other genres.

    After installing this free pager app, you can now get all the answers to your questions.

    1) Select the sound:

    -After selecting an audio song, it will display your cropper screen.
    -You can start playing the song's position and end the song.
    -You can start and end song time.
    -You can also try it.

    2) Voice recorder cutter:

    -Speak what you want and record with the cutter, then you can edit and cut the individual parts of the recording.

    3) Screen cutting:

    -You can set the start time and end time on the cutting screen.
    -Save your ringtone in the memory of your smartphone.
    -If you want, please restore the host.

    4) Types of savings:

    -Music clip files
    -Alert shortening file
    -Note cutting files
    -Ringtones can shorten files
    -After setting the ringtone type, you can set the caller's ringtone to the person.
    -Set as default ringtone.

    5) Download and share:

    -You can save and download the cutting sound.
    -Protecting the country is the media/my voice
    -View the download list of mp3 ringtones and share with the most popular social networks (for example)
    Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, Instagram, wifi, Gmail, email, etc.

    T Ziller Poprol ★

    How to create a custom call song?

    -Choose your favorite celebrity or mood for Callertunes
    -Add your name
    -Choose your favorite phone
    -Call example
    -Buy and make calls

Ringone 1

Ringone 2


Sad Ringone

Sad Ringone 2

Ringtone 4

Ringtone 5
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