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Shabaz TV App Download | Shabaz TV

Free online reconciliation guide for watching TV shows of all channels directly

    With the latest online live TV channels, you can provide a free TV Live application for all free channels to teach directly on your mobile phone; free cable channels on the Internet can also watch the programs you want to watch without leaving the TV; register  .

    The live channel application is designed to watch live TV.  View your favorite news, sports, movies, and shows from various channel sources (such as integrated receivers, IP-based tuners, etc.) and immediately display them on Android TV.

    Use our complete TV catalog guide to understand the content of TV shows tonight and show you the best shows.  Use Angel TV Guide to get the latest TV list and record all your favorite shows from a distance.

    Get a personalized TV guide experience:
    *Set up your carrier and get the channel number.
    *Like your language and genre, only view related content.
    *Set your favorite channels and quickly enter their schedule.
    *Create your own personalized TV watch list with favorites, memories and suggestions.


    This application does not appear in the form of spyware or secret surveillance, and does not contain viruses, Trojan horses, malware, spyware, or any other malicious software, and has nothing to do with features or plugins.

    Thank you...
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