How To Add Custom Hindi Urdu or English Fonts in Kinemaster App

How to add a custom Hindi Urdu or English fonts in kinemaster App and which Kinemaster application you guys should be Install in Your Android Phone.
Today I will show you the easiest way to add your custom Hindi Urdu or English Fonts in Kinemaster App.

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If you are also worried and want to add your favorite  fonts in Your Kinemaster application, today I will tell you how you can easily add Hindi Urdu or English fonts to your kinemaster application.

Today I am going to tell you how you will be able to add your own Hindi Urdu or English fonts in Kinemaster

Step 1

First you need to install this Kinemaster application in Your Android This kinemaster Application having Some Extra Feature and ability to change Custom fonts.

Download Kinemaster

Step 2

After Kinemaster Installation now you need APK Editor Pro application. You also need to download it. You can also find the link below here. After you download it, open it.

Download Apk Editor Pro

Step 3

Now Open Apk editor Pro App to change Custom fonts. After opening it, you will see a  option of select an app. You have to select an app you want to modify.

Step 4

Now Choose Kinemaster App and Just click on it New Setting will be Open. You Will See different type of Folders Here.

Step 5

Now Find the Assest Folder and Open It When You Open It you will find different Fonts here.

Step 6

Now Select A font you want to replace with your custom Hindi Urdu or English Fonts.
To Edit just Click on the Pensil Button just in front of Font Now select your Custom Hindi Urdu or English Font you want to add.

DOWNLOAD Custom Fonts

URDU font

Hindi Fonts

Step 7

After Adding Custom Font in Kinemaster Now Click to Save now Its start Working it will take up to minute and New Screen pop up.

Step 8

Now First Click To Remove And Then after Uninstallation of Kinemaster Again click To Install That's it.

Now open Your Kinemaster application And enjoy your Custom Hindi, Urdu and English Fonts.

You can Also Watch Video Tutorial How To add custom Hindi Urdu or English Font in Kinemaster

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