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Manage applications and games for multiple accounts at once.

    What is the purpose virtual Android 10 application?  Multiple accounts are online at the same time, such as multiple WhatsApp, one for corporate business and one for real-time chat.

    Use a new generation of virtual engine, and support WhatsApp, Facebook, Tiktok and other applications.  Ensure the durability of the clone varnish.

    • Log in multiple accounts at once, log in at once and support game accounts.
    • Use a phone to manage work and life accounts.
    •The main account and sub-account for playing games at the same time; double the fun games.
    • Data from multiple accounts will not interfere with each other.
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    how to use
    • Add the application you want to clone, then click the application icon to run it.
    • You can long press the application icon to add it to the top of the table (one-click on the top of the table to operate directly) to eliminate tedious steps.
    • Sometimes the app cannot get information?  Add the application to the whitelist of cleaning programs to ensure that the application can receive information normally.

    some problems
    • Permissions: To prevent the functionality of certain cloned applications from being available, we will apply for certain permissions for the cloned applications.
    • Consumption: We will not consume too much memory and battery, but cloning applications will consume them.  If you are not using the clone program, you can turn it off.

    You can leave five stars and comments or suggestions in the comment area of   the app, and we will read the content carefully because it will help us make the app better.Privacy zone and application clone function

    Do you want to find your secret account?  Clone Cloud Pro creates a privacy zone for you, which can hide your private account while others cannot see it, so you can ensure data security and protect your privacy.

    Virtual Android 10 is the latest technology that can clone applications.  We will no longer install apps on your phone, so your phone will work well!

    ·We have been researching software for many years and can register multiple accounts and ensure consistent operation.
    ·Simple interface operation.

    Permissions: Virtual Android 10 has applied for as many system permissions as possible to ensure that the applications cloned into Clone Cloud Pro will run normally.  For example, if Clone Cloud Pro does not obtain a camera license, you may not be able to use camera functions in some applications running Virtual Android 10. This app does not collect your personal information to protect your privacy.

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