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An easy way to improve game performance

     The ZET tool is a free tool for specific games, where you can completely customize the game graphics to get beautiful pictures and smooth games.

     Application function
     • Change the resolution
     • Turn on HDR graphics and all levels of FPS
     • Full control of anti-fog and shadow
     • and many other useful opportunities

     Support all versions of the game.

     How to use ZET tools
     • Before starting the GFX tool, close the currently running game.
     • Choose your own game version
     • Adjust graphics according to needs and device functions.
ZET tool specially developed for low-end equipment

    ZET is a game tool created for FPS mobile games.  Support custom graphics, unlock the maximum FPS limit and more useful options.

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  ZET App
    Set the best resolution for the game
    Select the HDR graphics of the device
    Turn on maximum FPS limit
    Ustom adjust shadow
    Use X2, X4 to activate anti-sedation or make it better
    There are more useful opportunities

    [ZET Tools]
    Advanced game card
    Custom crosshair

    [Using tutorial]
    It is recommended that you use the rear screen function for the first time to effectively reduce the possibility of GFX not working.

    For users who use GFX for the first time, we recommend that GFX be based on CPU.

    Personalized settings, you need to click Advanced Personalized Settings, configure appropriate GFX settings, log in (click to play immediately) to take effect

    You need to click [Play Now] to start the game.
    Supported game versions: Global, CN, LITE, KR, UN, TW, BETA
    We are a 100% safe and free program that will not harm your game account.

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