How To Redeem Urdu Voice Pack Without Pakistan Region | Without Region Change Get Urdu Voice Pack

How To Redeem Urdu Voice Pack Without Pakistan Region | Without Region Change Get Urdu Voice Pack

Hello friends, as you know, in a new update in your PubG Mobile in which Urdu voice package has been brought.  And inside you are being given minutes on Urdu voice pack.  Now you will be able to use Urdu Voice inside your mobile.  You will know how to do it, but the biggest issue that is going on is something different.



If you had also changed Pakistan, you would have selected another country instead and now you are not coming back to Pakistan.  Due to which you are not able to take this event and now you are not even able to get the Urdu voice pack, so today I am going to tell you all about it, how you guys got Urdu voice pack.  You have to get the pack without Pakistan and if you have not selected Pakistan country then how do you get the Urdu voice pack. 

If you guys come from my youtube channel then i made a lot of videos about it on my youtube channel and in it, i guided you guys how to get urdu voice pack in your android mobile  If your Pakistan is not a country.  And for those friends whose region was not becoming Pakistan, I tried hard to make their region Pakistan and for those whose Pakistan has not happened yet and as the event is about to end, how can they?  To get Urdu voicepack, you have to read this article till the end

So all you have to do is leave the country you are in now. You should not go and tamper with anything.

So I will provide you a file in which the Urdu voice pack which is downloaded and I have saved it inside it so you have to pick it up from the download button below and your mobile  I have to save and how to save it so I have given a link to the video below.

Download Urdu Voice Pack

If you do not understand how you can go and save the file in your Pubji folder.  So to save it, you have to go inside the file manager of your mobile. There you have to open the filter of Android. After opening the folder of Android, you have to open the folder of Pubji G Mobile there.  All I have to do is tell you in the video how to add the file to which folder.

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